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Offered as a premium service to our clients, we provide you with quotes for business loans, home loans, motor vehicle finance, equipment finance and other loans. We save you both time and money, as we are accredited with the major banks and receive special rates.

Cut out the middle man: saving you money on commissions.

Reduced interest rates: Due to the nature of our client base, banks provide us with the best possible rates. We are able to negotiate deals that are not available to the public.

Efficiency: We know your financial position and maintain your records. We save you time and effort as you do not have to search for your financial information to provide to a broker.

Transparency: A broker may fail to provide you with:

  • The current standard interest rate
  • Options between HP or finance lease
  • Options for 3,4 or 5 year terms
  • Options for residual

Critics state that a broker is motivated by his or her own best interests. At Alexanders, we only provide this as a premium service for our current clients, so our only motivation is to serve your best interests.