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At Alexanders, our business and tax law specialist is one of only five lawyers accredited as a tax law specialist by the law society of NSW.

Alexanders assists you with:
• Business Law
• Contracts Law
• Conveyancing
• Taxation Law

We evaluate the legal structure of your company, and advise you on how it could be configured in a more tax efficient way. Our specialist has the ability to review tax schemes from a legal point of view, best enhancing the structure of your business.

We have a commercial relationship with an external legal firm who provides our clients with legal services. This firm provides essential business law services commonly associated with business start-ups, small to medium sized enterprises, venture capital transactions and other funding arrangements.

Relationship Management
We develop an ongoing relationship with each of our clients. This allows you to access "quick fire" commercial advice from legally trained professionals.

Proactive Risk Management
We ensure that you are not only aware of your legal obligations and exposure, but also of opportunities which are created by the proactive management of your legal affairs.

Minimisation of Legal Fees
We work with you to identify the substantive issues before legal opinion is sought, in an effort to reduce costly law firm involvement.

Achievement of Commercial Outcomes
We ensure that the commercial terms you have negotiated are accurately reflected in contractual documentation.