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One of our most beneficial services is the analysis of Interim Accounts for Taxation Planning. We aim to establish the financial position and profitability of your business before the end of each financial year, and offer proactive advice which ensures that issues are identified early, and problem areas addressed immediately. This enables planning for management and taxation purposes. We also ensure that appropriate reconciliations have been performed on accounts that are critical to taxation, and that the appropriate taxes have been paid up to date.

By planning for the future, we can save you significant time and money.

Do you fully understand all of the different types of entity structures? Common entity types include sole-traders, partnerships, discretionary trusts, unit trusts, companies and self-managed super funds. The type of entity used affects a great deal of variables including reporting criteria, tax levels, establishment and annual fees. If you aren’t aware of all the different options, you may be spending more time and money than necessary.

We have extensive experience in complex structures. Over 60% of our clients have 2 or more entities and our affiliated tax lawyer is one of only 5 tax lawyers in NSW accredited by The Law Society. He is able to evaluate the legal structure of your company, and advise you on how it could be configured in the most tax efficient way.

Having the right structure can ensure that:

  • your assets are protected
  • you are using the most cost effective alternative
  • you are protected from personal liability
  • you are complying with legal requirements